Rainbow Science

Rainbows are magical but only illusions… and rainbows deliver you pretty pictures over the internet*. Make something? Great! For years it was something done on the kitchen table. In fact, some of those experiments are why 180 and 200 are magic numbers in the kitchen, cookies are browned and why we think we seal steaks. But somehow science became scary. An “Other”. So with Tyndall / UCC Student Chapter and MakerDojo you’ll get a chance to make some toys and try out some experiments you can do at home, sometimes with things you can get in the corner shop, and some things you have to go to a little further for. Audience participation required. If you are to become confident inventors, experimenters and creators (like toy makers or neuroscientists), you’ll have to ask lots of questions. Suitable for all ages. Adults especially. Just because you are legally responsible doesn’t mean you can’t play!   *Disable Access.