Wellbeing & Rights Evening

This year we will have a fantastic programme running between Gay Project & LINC with a phenomenal line up of guest speakers broaching topics as diverse as we are. Talks about mental & physical well-being within the LGBTI+ community, to sexual health and what is happening regarding LGBTI+ human rights locally, nationally & globally. LINC will host a ‘Constellation Workshop - Healing the past’ with Marija Nuic from 3-6pm. This is an opportunity to reveal and heal transgenerational and childhood trauma. Followed by an informative session around LGBT+ Rights with guest speakers in Gay Project and Free Rapid HIV from Sexual Health Centre Cork available on site from 6-9pm.   15:00 - 18:00: Constellation Workshop @ LINC 18:00 - 21:00: LGBT+ Rights & Free Rapid HIV @ Gay Project